Design Concept

It started with wanting to meet the needs of women like you and me. That sets us on a journey beginning with listening to people's stories and observing how their clothes could help them achieve more with less effort.

We went on to create and design Whakamana, iterating until we felt that it lives up to its mission of empowering women with clothes that allows them to live the best version of themselves. We do so by blending fashion, functionalities that solves your problems, with workout.

How did we know? We showed the pieces to women who who live up to an active life and they often smiled and said "This is amazing!" and "Where has this been?".

1. Super comfortable and breathable workwear

Uncomfortable clothes affects your mood and productivity. That's why we only use fabric that is incredibly soft, stretchy and breathable so you can be at your best. You may even safely sit whichever way is most comfortable -- it's life changing!

2. Never miss a workout

Forgot to pack your activewear, or just too much to bring along? We have seen too many workout plans go out of the window due to inconvenience. Hands up if you ever had to abandon plans just because it is too troublesome to bring two whole sets of outfit. You should not have to forgo your fitness goals just because you need to “dress nicer” for that business meeting.

3. Be Ready for Any Occasion

Clothes that look good anywhere and have you ready for anything. Go from office to casual and to active, without having to change out.

versatile and work appropriate activewear
Sweat wicking activewear
4. Sweaty? It's all good.

Never clammy, or sticky. Our fabric is sweat and moisture wicking to keep dry and cool. draw sweat off your body, through the garment, and out into the air where it can evaporate.

5. Stylish and Versatile

Gone are the days where you need to compromise on fashion and your passion. Our pieces are designed to keep you stylish - minus the hassle

Stylish activewear
6. Work/Active Freedom

Be you! Go nail that professional presentation in our lovely outfits, then convert it seamlessly into your workout clothes after work. Be the most stylish ain the office and the gym.

7. 1 Piece - All In

Never lose the other functional half in your closet, it'd always be attached so that you have less to search for.

work appropriate activewear
Functional Activewear
8. Amazing functionality - More than just pockets

- 4-Way Stretch

- Premium Technical Fabric

- Convertible Feature (Ie. Buttons to Shorten)

- Build in bra

- Buttery smooth

- Fitting in the right areas

- Pocket