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What is Whakamana?

Whakamana is an ambitious fashion brand looking to blend work-appropriate attire with activewear elements and materials.

The idea came about from the founder's own active lifestyle. After a particularly frustrating afternoon where she had to cancel her gym session due to forgetting her sportswear, she decided to go look for clothes that would function in both arenas.

When she came up empty-handed, she decided to design these pieces, with features that she always wanted - think moisture-wicking, breathable fabric with adjustable length for maximum suitability to occasions.

500 street reviews.

8,766 hours.

5 designs.

Countless sleepless nights.

1 mission.

It took us 1 year to get the designs right, from sketching, sampling, finding the right fabric to running a beta with some of our trusted friends. It's going to take us a few more sleepless nights, but what you will get is the culmination of all these efforts.

We did all these for you. And we want you to be the first to know when we launch.

Join the Whakamana family now and get first-hand news on our launch. We are also planning some exclusive launch promos for our Whakamana Family, so don't miss out!