Our Movement

Whakamana is a Maori word. Translated, it means “Empower”. 

That is our movement. Whakamana is a fashion label that aims to elevate the daily life of women. We want to remove clothing as a limitation or consideration when the active woman plans her day. And we do so by blending fashion with comfort, office-ready with workout

As with every great movement, it is born out of necessity. We have seen too many workout plans go out of the window due to inconvenience. Hands up if you ever had to abandon plans just because it is too troublesome to bring two whole sets of outfit. You should not have to forgo your fitness goals just because you need to “dress nicer” for that business meeting. 

All our pieces are created with one simple goal; “For you to be beautifully ready, regardless of occasion”. We are committed to designing functional workwear with only the best materials. Our pieces are made for both comfort and durability, suitable for even the most intense of activities. 

We want to offer outfits that have made our own lives better. Join us on our mission to empower women all around to feel amazing - minus the hassle.

Whakamana Activewear

Our passion for comfort translates directly into our fabric choices. Finding the perfect balance of stretch, breathability, moisture wicking and fit is critical, so you would be comfortable in it all day. Our premium nylon-spandex blend is extremely stretchable and breathable, made to keep you cool while staying buttery smooth.

Go ahead and move your body in them - express yourself!

Comfortable workwear
High quality activewear

We spent more than a year on research and development, sourcing for materials of the best quality, enhanced for comfortable sessions both at work and in gym. Our pieces go through meticulous testing to ensure that they are made to last even for extremely intense workouts.

We created Whakamana to be your partner, best friend for all day, everyday.


We spoke to more than 500 women about their pain points slotting activity times into their work day. These range from the inconvenience of bringing an extra set of clothes out, to looking good, and being dressed appropriately for work and dates.

We’re committed to helping you live your life out loud with our convertible all-in functional designs, so that you can do what you love with no compromise. You deserve the best of all worlds.

Business with a purpose

Play has no boundaries. Every detail & feature we manufacture is for a purpose in helping you live your best life.

We are also believers in the impact we can make through business. We want to multiply the real differences we make as contribute to an array of high impact projects around the world.